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What is Evergram?

Evergram is a keepsake album of personal video, audio, and text messages, created by friends and family, and delivered on special occasions.

How will my Evergram be displayed to the person/group I am sending an Evergram to?

Your Evergram message will be collected into an Evergram album with all other messages that have been created for the event.

How do I get started?

Currently, Evergram is in private Beta. To request an invitation, please

If you have Beta access and you are ready to organize your first Evergram, simply login and click on the Get Started button. You will be guided to create the invitation in 3 easy steps.

Is Evergram free?

Organizing an Evergram event and sending an Evergram invitation is free. In addition, everyone invited to contribute to an Evergram event can also create or record messages for free.

The Evergram recipients, as well as all of the invited guests, can view the delivered Evergram for free. Once the initial beta has been completed, Evergram may charge a fee to view the delivered Evergram album after an initial Free Viewing Period. However, as a participant in our initial beta, the Evergram recipients will always have free lifetime access to view their delivered Evergram.

I received an invitation to create a message for Evergram. What do I do now?

Click on the link in the email invitation and follow the instruction on your web browser. Watch our one minute video that will give you an overview of Evergram and the message creation process. You will then be prompted to create a video, text, or audio message. It's that simple!

Are my messages private?

Yes. You can choose to send messages that are only viewable by the Evergram recipient(s). Or, you can make the messages available to all other invited guests in the event.

When will my message be delivered?

Your message will be delivered on the day of the event.

I am having trouble with my webcam. What should I do?

Some of the problems that you may have encountered stem from the browser you are using (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are preferable), external webcams that are not properly configured, or outdated drivers or Adobe Flash software (

to troubleshoot your webcam connectivity problems.

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