Evergram's mission is to empower people to send messages into the future and to change lives; enabling a deeper connection with friends and family, a greater personal well-being, and a world with less misunderstanding and greater compassion.

Company Overview

Evergram allows people to easily create and send meaningful keepsake communications into the future - to the people they care most about. When video, text or audio messages are sent for future delivery, whether hours, days or even years later, the degree of thoughtfulness usually increases. This is a phenomenon often experienced in letter writing, and one that our team has integrated into the Evergram experience.

Duncan Seay: Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with Cancer and feared that I wouldn’t be around to create memories with my family in the years ahead.  In fact, this life event was a catalyst for creating the concept behind Evergram.  Fortunately, I'm now cured, healthier than ever, and have gone on to compete in a number of Ironman triathlons.

As a young child I was a devoted fan of My Favorite Martian, Lost in Space, and I Dream of Genie. I was fascinated by super powers and the ability to transport oneself. Now I'm fascinated by the prospect of every human being utilizing Evergram’s time-travel platform to surprise their friends & family with personalized, time capsule messages delivered on a future date.  I can imagine these messages changing peoples’ lives forever.

I am planning to send my young kids a variety of surprise video Evergram messages highlighting my life-lessons, my bucket list of dreams, and my hopes for their future – all to arrive on their 25th Birthday.

Jeff Caden: Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

I love inventing and building things, and, without a doubt, the Evergram start-up venture is the most exciting project of my life. My parents always taught me that “talking about it” is the only way to achieve deep, healthy relationships. And so, authentic communication was practiced regularly during my upbringing. Eventually, they convinced my siblings and me that the outcome is always better when you communicate, no matter how difficult it may be during the process.

My family has always written letters to our soon-to-be-born family members, welcoming them into the world. The letters are stowed away, (hopefully not lost), and delivered on their 18th birthday. Opening these keepsake letters is a big and long-awaited event punctuated with laughter and tears, and as the now 18-year-old “newborn” reads each letter out loud amongst family and friends, the passage of time is palpable. With Evergram’s launch, families can now duplicate this type of event (and many more) digitally, adding video and audio options, secure storage, and an easy to use “album” of the aggregated messages. These albums are then automatically unlocked and delivered on their 18th birthday.

Besides using Evergram for upcoming milestone events like a friends retirement or my daughter’s 30th birthday, I am excited about using Evergram to create a private video journal that I can regularly review and learn from.

Chris Halim: Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

When Jeff and Duncan first shared the Evergram concept with me many moons ago, I was struck by the beauty and the simplicity of the concept. Enabling deeper and more meaningful communications is a wonderful mission. I am a software builder by trade and I take great pride in being a part of building beautiful and easy to use consumer products. I am inspired by the opportunity to combine the rapid progress of modern Internet and Mobile App technology to bring Evergram to reality. It will be absolutely fantastic to start sharing Evergram with the rest of the world and learn how people will use it.

For me, Evergram is also a gifting platform, where the act of gifting can be a blissful moment for both senders and recipients. We will have done our job well if we can foster this idea as part of the Evergram experience. I can't wait to use Evergram for sending time capsule messages to my family and friends.

I feel fortunate to be a part of the Evergram team and look forward to building a trustworthy, reliable product that will allow users to transcend time and place. We have just started and have not even scratched the surface. To your future...

  • Our success is entirely dependent on our ability to exceed your expectations
  • We cannot improve unless our users give us honest feedback
  • Integrity is our most important virtue
  • The true measure of our success will be the degree to which Evergram has improved the lives of our users.

September 10, 2012

TechCrunch Disrupt SF Launch